The Eleventh Hour: Invisible Borders and Moral Boundaries.

This is a fantastic and well written article by John of the WordPress „Willing Yourself To Win“ blog. It is about immigrants, refugees, hypocrisy and very much about our humaneness. He wrote it some years ago, but it is still oh so relevant …

Willing Yourself To Win

Hello again, it’s been quite some time since I wrote anything. At the moment, I’m still not feeling the need or the inclination to write like I did before the death of my brother Mick. However, after watching the news concerning refuges, I’m disgusted and ashamed of the UK government’s intention to turn the small boats back from mainland Europe, effectively leaving those poor people in no man’s land.

I wrote the following piece a few years ago for someone who paid me to write an article for them. I maintained intellectual rights, which is why I’m putting this out to press. It will do no good and will probably go unnoticed, but I’m going to publish it anyway.

“Hope and faith work hand in hand, however, while hope focuses on the future, faith focuses on the now”. David Odunaiya (2013)

What must be going through the minds of the…

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