A deer turned my harp session into a Disney movie

Ein Dienstagslächeln: Heute habe ich ein etwas anderes Video für euch, das ich bei Blogger MSAMBA gesehen habe (Manchester School of Samba). Bei ihm könnt ihr viele interessante Beiträge zu allen möglichen Themen finden, von Kunst über Natur zu Wissenschaft und vieles mehr, und viel zum Thema Musik!

… A Tuesday smile: Today I have a different kind of video for you that I found on blogger MSAMBA’s site (Manchester School of Samba). On his site you will find many interesting posts about all kinds of topics, from art via nature to science and many more; and, of course, a lot to the topic of music!


Song is „The Sound of Silence“, by Simon & Garfunkel.
Harp is the Fullsicle, by Harpsicle.
Deer is startled.


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Ich bin gebürtige Deutsche, mit einem Dänen nunmehr seit 1993 verheiratet und in Dänemark lebend. Meine Beiträge erscheinen daher in deutscher Sprache (und nicht in dänischer) und seit 2018 auch in englischer Sprache. … I was born in Germany, have been married with a Dane since 1993 and are living in Denmark. Therefore, my posts are published in German (and not in Danish) and since 2018 in English as well.

6 Gedanken zu „A deer turned my harp session into a Disney movie“

  1. This delightful video is evidence that animals like music. Many years ago I once played on my harmonica while hiking near a pasture where cows were grazing. In no time, I had the entire herd gathering at the fence listening to the German folk songs I was playing.

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    1. Haha, I can imagine that picture. Yes, they really do like music. As far as I could see from videos and personal experience, they really like „live“ music. Although in Germany some farmers made tests with playing classical music to cows in the stables („canned“ music), and they claimed that they gave more milk. I am not sure, if that is really true. In Denmark the cows have to live without classical music. 😉

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        1. That title just describes what happens in the video in the eyes of the video maker. She obviously didn’t notice the deer until very late, when it jumped off, and she was startled.
          The song is „The sound of silence“ by Simon and Garfunkel. But that is more my generation, I think 😉 it was a big hit in the late sixties/early seventies with a text very topical also today.

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