Linoleum flooring is cool, actually

Aus irgendeinem Grund dachte ich immer, dass Linoleum ein Mineralölprodukt wäre. Dabei sagt es schon der Name: Lin-oleum, Leinöl. Es besteht nämlich hauptsächlich aus Leinöl. (Gefunden bei blogger MSAMBA (Manchester School of Samba).

… For one or the other reason I have always been under the impression that linoleum was a mineral oil product. But actually, the name says it already: lin-oleum, linseed oil, It actually is made mainly from linseed oil. Seen at blogger MSAMBA (Manchester School of Samba).



f there were a floor covering Olympics, marble would probably get gold. Hardwood would get silver. Bronze would maybe go to tile — and linoleum wouldn’t even make the trials. Arguably the most maligned flooring there is, these days linoleum is considered (at best) something you rip out to get to the real floor. But it wasn’t always that way.

Linoleum burst on the scene in the late 19th century, the brainchild of an eccentric inventor named Frederick Walton. Before long it was an international sensation and considered the height of luxury. It was even featured on the Titanic and in British Parliament. For nearly a century, linoleum remained the flooring of choice in homes, shops, and schools all over the world.

But when linoleum fell, it fell hard. For decades it was relegated to schools, hospitals, and your grandma’s kitchen — until recently. These days, linoleum is enjoying…

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