Italy with the motorbike, part 10

Den deutschen Text findet ihr HIER ( zusammen mit Teil 11)

May 21, 2012

In storm and rain we left Ponte Vettigano the next day and in storm and rain we arrived in Auer. We were glad that we had brought our rain gear with us,  large one-piece rompers, not nice, but effective. However, our leather boots were soaked through at the end of the journey and the water sloshed freely in them. I could have kept goldfish in them. It must have been terrible for my husband to drive all day in heavy rain and headwinds. I was sitting more protected behind his broad back. Actually only our feet and the neck under the helmet were wet, because we didn’t think of pulling the hoods from the rain gear under the helmet.

You have probably already guessed it, we stayed at the Markushof again. It had been tested and found to be good, and we were also able to put the bike in the garage there.

Nach einem langen Tag in Regen und Sturm, endlich trocken und warm!
… After a long day in rain and storm, finally dry and warm!

We drove a different route to Auer, via Mantova, then even on the motorway to Verona, as the weather was awful and we would not have been able to enjoy the surroundings. Then we went on via Dolce, Ala, Rovereto, Caillano, Trento, Lavis and Salorno to Auer. I didn’t take any photos that day.

In the hotel we first dried ourselves and stuffed tons of newspaper into our boots, which we then renewed a few more times. Apart from eating at the hotel restaurant (such good food!!!), there were no other activities that evening. We found it very comfortable to just loll around on the bed and watch TV, well fed and warm and dry. Absolute luxury!

May 22, 2012

On our last day, when we drove back to Munich, it was wonderful sunny weather again, and we took the country roads through the Brennertal instead of the motorway.

From Auer we went via Bozen, Chiusa, Bressanone, Varna, Fortezza, Mezzaselva (Mittewald), Campo di Trens, Vipiteno to Brenner.


Break in Chiusa (the bow is not a sign of reverence, but a stretching exercise):

Wir sind auch an Hell (Englisch für „Hölle“) vorbeigekommen, aber das war kein Ort, der liegt in Norwegen, sondern ein Hersteller von Landwirtschaftsmaschinen.
… We also passed Hell, but that was not a place, that is in Norway, here it was an agricultural machinery manufacturer.

Then we came through Colma (the place with the family castle) and Matrei to Innsbruck, where we – in the middle of an industrial area – found a great baker / confectioner cum cafe.


Where do you get such a beautiful view of the Alps from a cafe? („Der Bäcker Ruetz“ („The baker Ruetz“) it was called)

(To be continued)