Italy with the motorbike, Part 8

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We were twice in the old town of Lucca, one time for a „real“ tour of the city, and a second time for an evening stroll and a visit to a restaurant. I combined the photos from both occasions.

A piece of the very thick city wall.

Lucca is a charming city with a very well preserved old town (Middle Ages to Renaissance). You can walk around the old city center on the city wall from the 16th and 17th centuries and from there you have a wonderful view of Lucca and the surrounding area. I could not find the originals of the photos taken from the wall, so we have to put up with the old and unenhanced ones:

View on the surroundings
View on some really posh houses.

One takes care that the house facades are not spoiled, but in contrast to San Gimignano, where local goods and works of art were offered in the small shops, in Lucca it is more the normal retail chains that hide behind them. (Here you can read about the history of Lucca: Of course, I took the opportunity and bought a pair of shoes. The Italians do the best, I think … although the Brazilians aren’t bad either. However, these were not shoes with high heels, we had no space for that, but fine walking shoes in beige suede. Pure fair weather shoes, that means in Denmark you can only wear them inside …

The Piazza Anfiteatro is not as crowded as the Piazza San Michele, probably because there are no “sights” there. You can sit there in peace with a beer or lunch.

In Lucca, too, you could see flower pots on the small balconies in every imaginable little corner.

The house where Giacomo Puccini was born is also located in Lucca and is a museum now:

We also found this film poster worth seeing: Steve McQueen in the movie „The great escape“.

And to top it off, a couple of photos of the very famous Basilica de San Michele:

Lucca is equipped with restaurants of all kinds. I can’t imagine that someone won’t find anything they like there. We went to eat fish one evening. That was wonderful. We had ordered whole fish and were concerned about the bones, but lo and behold, the waiter filleted them for us!
Next to us sat a French couple with two small children who were starting to get bored and found it appropriate to ride their bikes between the tables (we sat outside), also where we sat. Not that their parents said anything to them. We found it a little uncomfortable, after all they could have driven in the square, only half a meter away, where there were no cars. We ate a little faster than normal and were finished sooner than the French who had come before us. “My, they ate quickly,” the woman remarked to her husband. 😀 😀 😀

Teatro Comunale del Giglio

The evening pictures are unfortunately a bit blurry, but they still reflect the calm mood of the hour. After 10 p.m. there aren’t many people out and about in the old town. It may be different in summer. We were there in May.

Have a good weekend, everybody! 🙂