Italy with the motorbike, part 7

Den deutschen Text findet ihr HIER (zusammen mit Teil 6)

From San Gimignano we drove to Volterra, about 15 km away, a town with an impressive castle.

The marvelous winding road up to the city. Behind the benches to the left you can see it continuing upwards.

Volterra was beautiful, as you can see in the photos, but the mood there was completely different, almost a little gloomy. Who knows what had happened there once. Instead of ceramics and local delicacies, there were more weapons (swords) and armor on sale.

The main plaza. It looked like there had been a fire some time ago.

Some impressive iron work.

Just as in San Gimignano, in Volterra every little corner had been used for gardens and flower pots.

My favourite mini garden.

I then found out that Volterra was a Medici fortress and is now used as a prison. That might explain things …

Here some more photos of the city:

Also from Volterra we had a wonderful view of the Tuscan countryside.
My favourite walk.

The castle.

We didn’t feel like entering the castle, something held us back. (It had the same charisma as the Tower in London, which I will never enter, or the instruments of torture that are on display in Carcassonne (with them they used to torture the Cathars and Albigensians)) You can therefore see photos of the castle HERE.

I think next Saturday we will take a look at Lucca, if I remember correctly, we shall see. Have a good weekend everybody.

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