Italy with the motorbike, part 1

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The film „Tea with Mussolini“ gave us the idea to travel to Tuscany, more precisely to visit San Gimignano. However, several years passed between the idea and the action. We are that kind of people, who for example plan to travel to Amsterdam from time to time and then end up in Berlin, Oslo or Paris. We saw Amsterdam when we planned to go somewhere else.

But now to Italy, especially Tuscany. It was in 2012, we took a vacation in May because we are not big fans of summer heat (haha). Back then we had a GoldWing 1200 Aspencade, with which we set out.

At the Gedser ferry to Rostock.

May 13, 2012

First we went from Rødvig (via the Gedser-Rostock ferry, Lauenburg and Lüneburg Heath) to Bad Münder at Deister to visit friends. Then we took the car train from Hildesheim to Munich. The train leaves Hamburg-Altona in the late afternoon and arrives in Munich around 7 a.m. Cars are added to the train in Hildesheim. For the loading, which was an adventure in itself, we had to appear early and then had a few hours to enjoy ourselves in Hildesheim. Without a means of transport, it didn’t really work out like that, and the sidewalks around the train station were folded up (meaning that we were in the middle of nowhere). There were only drinks from the machine, and on top of everything it was cold. I was happy about my thick jacket. And not only the jacket was thick at the time … [and now for that matter].

We had a sleeping cabin just for ourselves, even with a small bathroom. That turned out to be a mistake because the beds were awful and you slid back and forth or up and down in the curves as you want to look at it. You slept across the cabin, not lengthways, so when sliding in curves, it was either the feet or the head that bumped into the wall.

May 14, 2012

When we arrived in Munich in the morning, it was 4 degrees Celsius MINUS. We had apparently chosen the year with the coldest May in a long time. But the temperature rose rapidly and became more comfortable. Into Austria, our way led us on the Brenner motorway, which is very nicely laid out for a motorway, at least when you are on it.

Rest area impressions:

We saw some beautiful little places along the way including one with a small single-family castle (Colma), and decided to take the country road on the way back to take a closer look at the small towns.



The following photos I took from the motorcycle while driving.

Our first place to spend the night was Auer or Ora. We were in Tyrol, where everything is signposted in two languages, German and Italian. We stayed at Hotel Markushof. We can recommend it! Nice people, nice rooms, good food, what more can one wish for, and not expensive. Actually, the hotel also had a camping site, and the bike could be parked in an underground garage, perfect. (This is unpaid advertising. I would stay there again anytime!)

We liked the place and the surroundings so much that we decided to stay an extra day. After all, we didn’t have a fixed schedule.

(To be continued)

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17 Gedanken zu „Italy with the motorbike, part 1“

    1. I never had the feeling that I was doing something dangerous really, in spite of the Italian way of driving 😉 , but in the end it was a tourist that brought us into the only dangerous situation during the entire travel. People were incredibly kind and helpful, no matter, where we went. It was an alround positive experience. In spite of … but I am not going to issue spoilers … 🙂

      Gefällt 2 Personen

      1. Oh yes, the Roman driver style. I would never drive in Rome. (I don’t drive in Bogotá…) 😉
        I’m sure it was a great experience. (I’m a little nervous with bikes personally, but that’s me)
        We’ll wait for the next episodes.

        Gefällt 1 Person

  1. Die Toskana ist immer eine Reise wert, insbesondere San Gimignano mit seiner türmerischen Altstadt mit einem solchen Motokoloss 🤗
    Dankeschön fürs Präsentieren!
    Herzliche Morgengrüße vom Lu

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. Über die -4 Grad war ich einigermassen überrascht, aber unsere Kleidung war ja dick, und dann wurde es ziemlich schnell warm. Diese Reise war wohl die beste, die mein Mann und ich gemeinsam gemacht haben bisher, und wir sind viel gereist, aber diese Motorradtour war ganz speziell. Es ist anders als mit dem Auto. Im Auto ist man irgendwie von der Umwelt isoliert, auf dem Motorrad ist man mittendrin, hat Kontakt. Das hat man mit einem Fahrrad natürlich auch, aber ich würde mich nicht mit einem Fahrrad die Dolomitenpässe hochquälen. 😉


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