Four Cellists Play Ravel’s “Bolero” on One Cello | Open Culture

Dies hier möchte ich unbedingt mit euch teilen. Für so eine Kasperei benötigt man schon grosse Vituosität. Gefunden bei Msamba (Mnchester School of Samba).

… I HAVE to share this with you. For being able to play around like this, they need to be real virtuosi! Seen at Msamba (Manchester School of Samba).


And now for something completely different…

Above, the Wiener Celloensemble 5 + 1–“an untraditional cello ensemble” founded by the Vienna Philharmonic‘s Gerhard Kaufmann–presents an unconventional performance of Ravel’s “Bolero.” It’s minimalist, in a certain way. Four musicians. One instrument. And nothing more…[…]


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