Fotos des Monats, Januar 2021/ Photos of the month, January 2021

Es wird wieder etwas gemischt. Wir hatten ziemlich schwankendes und dramatisch aussehendes Wetter in den letzten beiden Wochen. Das spiegelt sich in einigen Fotos wider.

… It will be quite a blend again. The weather was rather changeable and looking dramatically during the last two weeks. That is reflected in some of the photos.

Mein Gartenstuhl sah so verlassen aus, aber gleichzeitig erinnerte er mich an schöne Stunden vom letzten Sommer.
… My garden chair looked so abandoned, but at the same time it reminded me of grand moments from last summer.
Sowas habt ihre gerade gesehen, aber dieses und das nächste Foto sind meine Favoriten von dem Tag.
… Something like this you have just seen, but this and the next photo are my favourites of that day.

Jetzt folgt eine Serie, eine Art Roadmovie durch den Rückspiegel gesehen. Ich habe erst hinterher festgestellt, dass die Fotos sehr dadurch geprägt wurden, was sich von der Umgebung im Auto spiegelte. Ich fand das faszinierend, ein Experiment.

… Now follows a series, a kind of road movie watched through the side mirror. Only afterwards I noticed that the fotos got a certain individual character through the different surroundings that were reflected in the car. I found that fascinating, an experiment.

Eine Gegenlichtaufnahme von letztem Sonnabend, die mir sehr gefällt.
… A backlighted photo I took last Saturday, which I really like.

Das war der Januar. Ausser Spaziergängen am Kattegatt, fand nicht viel statt (das reimt sich sogar … 😀 ) Macht es gut und passt schön auf euch auf!

… That was January. Nothing much happened, except walks along the Kattegatt. Have a good time and be well!

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Stella, oh, Stella

Ich bin gebürtige Deutsche, mit einem Dänen nunmehr seit 1993 verheiratet und in Dänemark lebend. Meine Beiträge erscheinen daher in deutscher Sprache (und nicht in dänischer) und seit 2018 auch in englischer Sprache. … I was born in Germany, have been married with a Dane since 1993 and are living in Denmark. Therefore, my posts are published in German (and not in Danish) and since 2018 in English as well.

27 Gedanken zu „Fotos des Monats, Januar 2021/ Photos of the month, January 2021“

  1. This was truly a mixed bag of all kinds of weather events, Birgit. Nothing goes over a brilliant day in the dead of winter. Therefore, I like the last picture showing a seascape in brilliant sunshine best. Best wishes for the month of February! Peter

    Gefällt 1 Person

  2. Birgit ich könnte nicht sagen welches Foto ich als besonders ansehen könnte. Sie sind einfach alle für sich super.
    Bleibt gesund und munter, nicht nur für die nächsten Ausflüge. 😉
    Viele liebe Grüße zu euch,
    vom Sternchen.

    Gefällt 1 Person

        1. They are salting the roads, it is not (yet) enough snow to start the large shovel vehicles. But the small side roads are not salted or shoveled at all, only the main roads. They do it whenever, actually, in the countryside it is the farmers who do that, saves the municipalities some money in employees … the motorways etc. are kept clear whenever necessary.

          Gefällt 1 Person

          1. Never knew this salting process on the road. Well, I never lived in such cold places. For me the coldest place was my hostel where early morning we saw dew turning into ice crystals, That was enough for us not to take bath next day assuming it would be as cold next day also🤣
            and I am not talking about kids here…we all were grown up ladies(some married also) doing our teacher training course😂

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  3. Yes, I started with kindergarten kids and gradually reached to teach college graduates. Then got married, a completely new city, focus was to finish Ph.D,but then went to Jamaica, came back with Apoorva and teaching days were history. But for the last 4-5 years I am teaching hindi language at home. I South hindi tution teachers are in high demand as parents also don’t know the language. If their kids are following CBSE syllabus then Hindi is compulsory. Due to virus kids stopped coming this session as there were no schools also.
    Parents and children are satisfied till now, so I guess I must be doing good

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. I think you have the required patience and understanding. Not like me, who hit my younger brother with his English lessons book over the head, because he was cheeky. I was supposed to help him and a friend of his. (I did not hit him hard … but he was very cheeky. He thought it was funny that his sister was trying to teach him. He is 15 years younger than me, will turn 51 soon, the little rascal.)

      Gefällt 1 Person

      1. I am like you… more known as strict and disciplined teacher 😂that’s why now all those parents who have naughty boys, want to send them to me for hindi lessons 😁
        You must be having nice memories of those moments with your brother ☺️

        Gefällt 1 Person

        1. Really? But you SEEM so sweeet … 😉 😀
          My younger brother was a very charming and smiling little boy. That got a bit lost when he went through puberty, but it was not really neither his choice nor his fault.

          Gefällt 1 Person

    2. Hi Deeksha, we just had your pea filled potato patties, yummy, yummy, yummy, although they wre too soft, but they tasted so good. My husband says: whenever we get something new and exotic, it is from Deeksha. I have been granted permission to serve it also in future … 😉 😀 ❤

      Gefällt 1 Person

      1. Hi Stella,
        Wowwww… Manish is so much impressed and filled with so much respect for you both after reading your comment. These patties are an effort and you are hurt, still you did. Didn’t I tell you, you are a wonder woman!!!

        Gefällt 1 Person

        1. They were definitely too soft though, but the taste of the filling …. ooooha, you know I managed to get amchur powder from another shop. When the fragrance from the filling reached my nose, I got really hungry! I made 8 and thought I would have two for burgers another day, but no such luck, they all went down the hatch. 😀 😀

          Wonder woman, right, where is my cape? (hihi) You two are so sweet! I will persevere until they get better. But next are the whole spicy potatoes … and one of Balle’s potato recipies. I loooove potatoes, and I have so many exciting recipes now.


          1. They are soft for inside and outer layer is only crisp, so I guess you prepared perfect. Amchur really changes the taste!!
            Yessss.. these are sold in India at Mac with burger as in their non-vegetarian version – Aaloo tikki burger.
            Potatoes have unlimited options!! Yesterday I did Stuffed Capsicum and potatoes and peas with gravy but actually without adding any onion tomatoes or curd in the gravy. Will post the recipe in a few days probably…. till then you try Balle’s potatoes dish and then whole potatoes and then…. your wonderful culinary world will be continuing…..!!


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