Ohne Worte Vier … Without comment Four

Mitwirkende: Furchtlose Feldspatzen, ein einzelner Buchfink, der sich nicht so dicht ans heran traute, zwei Türkentauben und eine Elster.
Featuring: Fearless tree sparrows, one chaffinch – which didn’t dare to come closer -, two collared doves and a magpie.

Ich hoffe, ihr seid nicht schwindelig geworden bei meiner Kameraführung. 😉

… I hope my camera work didn’t make you feel dizzy. 😉

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Stella, oh, Stella

Ich bin gebürtige Deutsche, mit einem Dänen nunmehr seit 1993 verheiratet und in Dänemark lebend. Meine Beiträge erscheinen daher in deutscher Sprache (und nicht in dänischer) und seit 2018 auch in englischer Sprache. … I was born in Germany, have been married with a Dane since 1993 and are living in Denmark. Therefore, my posts are published in German (and not in Danish) and since 2018 in English as well.

10 Gedanken zu „Ohne Worte Vier … Without comment Four“

  1. Awwwww… you just revived my childhood memories. We used to witness the same each day at my parent’s house morning and evening. We had a huge kind of thick bush of bougainvillea and many birds had their nests there. Evenings used to very noisy with their fluttering and chirping!

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      1. Sparrows are nesting birds but they mostly search the corner of the house. We used to get tired of cleaning the twigs, and later on food particles in the porch area. Given a chance they used to try to enter the rooms also 🙄
        I wish I could have followed you but my mom was a cleaning freak and I was a kid 😁😂


        1. Interesting. Here the sparrows nest under the roof tiles, the first row over the drain pipe. We also have swallows, they came into the garage/barn the first year and nested under the roof, and the young birds were shitting everywhere. So my husband closed the gaps where they came in. Now they are also nesting in some corner of the roof.

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            1. Yes that’s true. I am feeding the birds only in winter though. During summer they find enough food in the surrounding nature. It is a terrible mess on the terraces, but we can’t sit there anyway. So in spring I have to shrub the terraces, but o.k. I want the birds to survive.

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