Eine recht verrückte Geschichte … Quite a crazy story

Dies ist die letzte lustige Kurzgeschichte von mir, die ich noch nicht übersetzt habe. Die deutsche Version findet ihr HIER.

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Frau Offenschreiben didn’t put it past me to be able to write an improv story for the blog parade. The given words were: sea, glove and pillow. This idea originally came from Isabelle.


Hirtshals beach

„It“ was not a dark, stormy night, no, on the contrary, „it“ was a beautiful, sunny spring morning. After a long time I stood again on the beach at Hirtshals and watched the waves of the North Atlantic, which the Danes call the West Sea, wash ashore. How I had missed the sea! What a pleasure to feel the wind in my hair while the salty smell of the sea water rose into my nose.

I walked along the water’s edge and looked for interesting shells, snails and bizarrely shaped stones. Or those with holes in the middle, you could put them on a string and use them as decoration in the garden. The stones in which the holes were not yet completely broken through, could be spread out in the garden. When it rained, the water caught in them and they served as watering places for bees and other insects.

Lost in these and similar thoughts, I went for a walk on the beach, with no real goal, just enjoying life.

But then I saw a larger object lying in the wet sand, half in the water. It must just have washed ashore. I approached it curiously. And what do you think it was? Have you ever seen the old armours of the samurai? A glove of a samurai armour lay there on the beach. How did it get here? Geography has never been my strongest point, but if the glove had come from Japan, it would have covered a few miles. It actually looked too well preserved for that. Maybe someone on a ship had dropped it in the water?

I went closer and held out my hand, but suddenly stopped. Maybe I shouldn’t touch the thing, maybe it was a magical object, maybe I would be transferred to another dimension like in this film, what was its name, Jumanji? Or I ended up in Narnia, which I didn’t really feel like either. What to do?

As the Englishman says: curiosity killed the cat. I couldn’t help it, I had to take a closer look at the glove. I picked it up. The fingers of the glove immediately grabbed my wrist and dragged me towards the sea. No, what now, why was I just so stupid and didn’t listen to my inner voice? The glove increased the pace; I couldn’t free myself and I was already in the water. Gosh, it was cold! Now I use the word breakneck speed, because in one of them the glove pulled me in and through the water. Strangely, I could breathe underwater, but then it was clearly a magical object; a bit breathing underwater should not be a problem for it, right? I don’t know how long we literally chased through the water until we finally came to a rock formation and disappeared into a grotto. There we surfaced. Apparently, an air bubble had formed here, and a fairly large one. There was also light, which somewhat amazed me.

The glove brought me ashore, strange as it may sound, and led me to a little olive grove … I beg your pardon?

In the middle of the olive grove, and it was indeed one, a beautiful young woman was sitting on a mountain of pillows. She waved to me gracefully and made a sign that I should get closer. She was dressed very sparsely. Did I mention that the temperature in the grotto was very comfortable and I was magically dry again?

„How nice of you to come,“ said the lovely one to me, „I can’t get away from here, but I urgently need something from the city that I can’t live without.“

„You want me to go shopping for you?“ I asked in amazement, „what do you need?“

„Come closer, then I’ll whisper it in your ear,“ she said to me, blushing.

I did her the favour and she whispered her wish into my ear.

‚This girl is a few bricks short,‘ I thought, ‚but if it makes her happy.‘

So, I promised to get her what she wanted, but cash in advance, she needed to understand that. It wasn’t a problem so the glove could take me back to Hirtshals.

Once there, I set off to fulfill the wish of the lovely being. The glove would be waiting for me on the beach. After about half an hour I was back and pressed the double choke burger with double cheese and double bacon into its hand. It set off without looking back once.

Every Tuesday I now go to Hirtshals beach with a big burger and deliver it to the glove that is waiting for me, and which then, without fail, brings me money.

Sometimes I watch people trying to take the money away from the glove. That does not really agree with them very well.

There are very strange things in the world! Light and air in an underwater grotto!!!


Have a pleasant day!