Die Liebe beflügelt uns … Love inspires us

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Ich wollte eigentlich einen Beitrag von Katja vom „Home is where the boys are“-Blog re-bloggen, weiss aber nicht wie das von ihrer Seite aus geht, daher werde ich verlinken. Sie berichtet hier von einem Kinderbuch … oder ist es das?

… I had planned to reblog a post by Katja of the „Home is where the boys are“ blog, but I don’t know how to do that from her site, therefore I will post a link. She is reviewing a book for children … or is it?

Here Katja’s text in English:

Love inspires us. It gives us bear powers. And it makes us vulnerable. We cannot live without it, are longing all our lives for being loved. Sometimes also to finally be able to love ourselves. We cling when we should let go. We hold back, even though everything within us is trembling. We are dizzy of the joy of loving. In their new joint project about the most beautiful thing in the world, Hélène Delforge and Quentin Gréban narrate about the many faces of love in their new joint project.

Love is the message. All you need is love. Omnia vincit amor. Faith, hope, love, these three; but love is the greatest among them. Poets, philosophers, musicians, not least the Bible. The beginning of mankind, if not creation, is connected with love. Love is much more than a feeling. It is the decision to trust the greatest treasure between heaven and earth.

Hélène Delforge took a deep look into this valuable treasure, into the soul of love and defoliated its diversity in moving episodes. The lyrics are wise and poetic, sensitive and encouraging at the same time. Although Quentin Gréban takes us into the past with his illustrations and we suddenly find ourselves in the golden twenties, in the rockabilly of the 50s or in a trench during the First World War, his expressive imagery conveys a boundless timelessness. In the course of the decades, we pulsate with the characters in love, passion, humility, disappointment, gratitude. Love is neither nostalgic nor lost. It lives in our hearts – forever. It is the greatest gift. “Love” reminds us of this in a sensual and powerful use of words and images.

The book is originally written in French, and there does not seem to be an English translation yet, but for those, who understand it, please find below a teaser in French:

Amoureux. Un état, une chance, une surprise, un sentiment, une sensation, une émotion. L’amour se vit, l’amour se dit, l’amour se raconte, l’amour se partage, l’amour commence, l’amour se ternit, l’amour finit… parfois. Mais pas toujours. L’amour unique, l’amour éternel, l’amour une seconde fois, l’amour et la famille, l’amour et la maladie. L’amour, thème éternel.


Ich wünsche euch allen ein schönes Wochenende!

… I wish you all a pleasant weekend!

……… Je souhaite un agréable week-end à vous tous!

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