Ich reblogge ja nicht so oft, aber dieses Video fand ich so schön, dass ich es mit euch teilen musste. Ich habe es auf der Seite des Blogs „Manchester School of Samba“ gefunden. Er behandelt viele interessante Themen, darunter natürlich viel über Musik, und ich liebe lateinamerikanische und afrikanische Rhythmen. Aber dies ist etwas anders, in meinen Augen eine Art Meditation mit einem wunderschönen Resultat und auch symbolisch, da diese Kunstwerke sehr verletzbar sind …

… I don’t reblog very often, but this Video I found so beautiful that I had to share it with you. I found it on the blog of Manchester School of Samba. He presents many interesting topics, many of course about music, and I love the Latin and African rhythms. But this is different, in my eyes a kind of meditation with beautiful results and symbolic in the way that these works of arts are very vulnerable …


Jonna Jinton

The very first time I tried balancing stones was back in 2010. I saw some stone sculptures in a park, when an old, wise man told me that it was a symbol for the balance of nature. I liked that idea, and after that I started making easy stone sculptures. After a while, I started experimenting with balance and I tried to make stone sculptures that had such small balance points so that it almost would look impossible.
I really loved that.
Both because it felt like a challenge, but also because it forced me to get really still and quiet, and focus on one thing only; to find the tiny, tiny balance point.
It more and more turned into some kind of meditation.

I hope this video will inspire you to try it out yourself! 🙂



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