Intuition (Teil 4 von 8, nein, von 9) … Intuition (Part 4 of 8, no, of 9)

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Eine mehr oder weniger kurze Bemerkung zu diesem Teil: es sind 9 Teile, nicht 8 … 😉
Die ersten drei Teile sind aus Projekten von Bloggerin Offenschreiben entstanden, in denen sie bestimmte Dinge oder Personen vorgibt, zu denen man dann eine Geschichte schreibt. Es war immer spannend zu sehen, wie unterschiedlich die verschiedenen Geschichten ausfielen. Ich hatte mir einen Spass daraus gemacht, drei dieser Projekte zu einer Geschichte zusammenzufügen. Das war zu einem Zeitpunkt, wo es noch überhaupt nicht feststand, dass ich „Intuition“ weiter- bzw. zu Ende schreiben würde. Ab Teil 4 lief das Ganze dann völlig frei ab und die Geschichte verselbständigte sich völlig. Wer hätte gedacht, dass ich das durchziehen würde.

… A more or less short remark to this part: there are 9 parts, not 8 … 😉
The first three parts originate from projects of blogger Offenschreiben , in which she gives certain specifications of items or persons, with which one writes one’s story. It was always interesting to see, how different our stories turned out. I had fun with making three of the projects into one story. That was at a time, when I had not yet decided whether I would continue „Intuition“ or not. From part 4 onwards it all went completely free, and then the story broke away even from me. Who would have thought that I would see it through.

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Several weeks went past, and nothing happened, absolute nothing. Gwiazda did not have any sudden „coincidental“ meetings; neither the lone Walker nor the leather coat men appeared again, and she did not received the slightest hint of what she was expected to do. And she still did not know, what had happened to Holger and the wounded young man.

Therefore, she got the idea to „lure“ the old man out of the shadows, and that with the book „Starlet and the Walker“.

On the oncoming Saturday, Gwiazda found a coffee shop near the restaurant, where she had seen the leather coats and sat down at a table at the window. She put the book clearly visible from the outside on the table.

However, she had not expected that at nearly all tables was at least one person, who turned around and stared at her. What she could read in their eyes was disgust, fear, and even anger. Finally a young man came to her table, face distorted with rage and asked her, if this was her book. Intuitively Gwiazda denied. „It was on the chair when I came.“ ”Put it away, burn it, destroy it!“ the young man shouted with despair in his voice.
”But it is not my property. Maybe the owner will come back to collect it!“ Gwiazda replied.
”Then at least put it back on the chair with the cover down!“ he besieged her.
”O.k., alright, calm down” said Gwiazda and did as requested. But what was that? On the back of the book, where one usually finds the abstract of the story, was all of a sudden the face of the old man with the funny cap. Gwiazda tried not to look surprised, as she had just claimed not to know the book.

The effect of the image on the young man was astonishing: he became as white as chalk and put his hand on his heart. Apparently he had problems breathing.

Gwiazda jumped up and patted him on the back. „What is wrong with you?“ she asked the  young man, „that is just some old man!“
The young man looked at her, frightened. „Yes, of course, you are right“, he managed to say, and then he rushed out of the coffee shop.

To calm the waves, she covered the book with a napkin and left it behind, when she decided to go home. She did not wish to draw more attention to herself. Apparently there was a countless number of Mammon’s servants. How was she supposed to save mankind when there were so many adversaries? They seemed to be everywhere.

When she came home, the old man with the funny cap was sitting in her living room. „Are you completely out of your mind?“ he scolded her, „do you wish to ruin everything in the last minute?“

Instead of answering, Gwiazda asked him, how he had gotten into her apartment, and told him how tired she was of the whole situation. Allegedly she was supposed to save mankind, but nobody answered her questions. She received nothing but mystical, vague hints.

The old man’s tone changed. „You are right. It is not easy for you. Have just a little bit more patience. In a few weeks, everything will be over and a new era under your leadership will begin. Please trust me, for your grandfather’s sake! You will hear from us, when the time has come. It won’t take long anymore, one month at the most.“

Before Gwiazda could ask another question, for example what „under your leadership“ was supposed to mean, the old man had disappeared again. What an annoying habit!

She was definitely fed up now, finally, ultimately! She would forget everything, and the Walkers could get lost for all she cared. Stop, out, over, finished!

(To be continued)

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  1. Vielen Dank für den Link, liebe Birgit! So konnte ich doch deine spannende Geschichte weiterlesen. Nun bin ich aber wirklich gespannt zu sehen, wie sie sich weiter entfaltet. Hab noch ein schönes Wochenende, Birgit!

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