What goes around, comes around … sooner or later

Die deutsche Version findet ihr HIER. Es handelt sich hierbei um eine wahre Geschichte.



This is a true story:

Before I started my three years’, never finalized studies of cultures and languages of Indonesia and Austronesia, I worked in an export-import company in Hamburg (north of Germany).

From my desk, I could look out on the street in front of the building (my office was on ground floor). After some time, I noticed a man, who always passed by at lunch time and stared at me rather impertinently and with furrowed brows. He was tall and slim with wavy hair and a long flaunting coat. Finally, I got fed up, and when he passed by again and stared at me, I stuck my tongue out at him in a not very ladylike way. From that moment on he never looked my way again.

Some weeks later, how big are the odds, I actually met this man in the underground. There were hardly any other people in the compartment, and he strode back and forth, up and down the aisle with long steps, back and forth, without break, like an imprisoned tiger in a cage (with his coat floating after him). When the train stopped, he opened all the doors he could manage before the train started again (was he claustrophobic?). Then he marched again, and, of course, had his usual, well known gloomy expression on his face. He did not make a better impression from nearby than from far away.

At some stage, I stopped working, started my studies, and after two years, some other students and I were supposed to be presented to the professor, who would be evaluating our final exams. Believe it or not, this professor was my restless tiger from the underground, the gawker, at whom I had stuck out my tongue! How absolutely mortifying … not only for me … 😉