A true elfin story (short story by Stella, oh, Stella)

In October 2015 I have created my blog. That year I only published three posts. This short story is the very first that I published in November 2015 (even before the German version). Nobody read it then. Five bloggers liked the German version. Two of them are still around, but three of them have more or less disappeared from WordPress. I would like to post the story once again here. Don’t worry, this is a once only happening and will not be done with all old posts. 😉 😊 This story “came” to me, undoubtedly inspired by the decoration of a small part of my then garden (no. 5).

I do plan to translate more of my earlier short stories though …

Stella, oh, Stella

So, that’s it, I cannot do anything else for now. I will have to continue in spring.

The beginning is done: the fireplace, the ladder, the tiled path, the area for gatherings … the rest will have to wait. A pile of firewood is also ready …

What I am talking about is, of course, the elfin dwelling place in the birch stump. I have marked the places for the entrance door and the windows, but it is getting too cold to accomplish artistic wood carvings.


The following winter is comparatively mild, but grey, rainy, stormy, in short: not cosy at all! The spring bulbs are slowly coming our with their first green.

At the beginning of May, my husbands enters the kitchen and says enthousiastically that the door, which I have carved into the birch stump looks incredibly real, the windows as well. I rush into the garden…

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Stella, oh, Stella

Ich bin gebürtige Deutsche, mit einem Dänen nunmehr seit 1993 verheiratet und in Dänemark lebend. Meine Beiträge erscheinen daher in deutscher Sprache (und nicht in dänischer) und seit 2018 auch in englischer Sprache. … I was born in Germany, have been married with a Dane since 1993 and are living in Denmark. Therefore, my posts are published in German (and not in Danish) and since 2018 in English as well.

9 Gedanken zu „A true elfin story (short story by Stella, oh, Stella)“

  1. what a great post!!! what a coincidence that I just read another blogger’s post asking for people’s views on this very thing. I have no problem with them, as it’s so easy to overlook earlier posts on a site, especially on ones with many posts. Occasionally I’ve taken mine & updated them.

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  2. & here I must comment again – I was so captivated by the story that I forgot to congratulate you on your anniversary! 4 years is quite a wonderful accomplishment!

    Gefällt 1 Person

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